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MR-203 One hold and two hands

Release Time:2021/9/26 15:16:09
MR-203 One hold and two hands

Mr-203 U segment wireless a tow second-hand holding, singing easy, the hands of the metal film does not fade more durable, KTV exclusive sound quality sound, full clear round.

Product features:

1, three-dimensional metal panel, high-grade, atmospheric, the most fashionable electronic volume digital display, left and right sound consistency, easy to operate.

2. Use fluorescent buttons and golden panels to make room K more gorgeous.

3. Multiple noise control circuits are used on the receiver to effectively prevent interference from external signals.

4, handheld use of the most advanced voltage boost circuit, effectively extend the battery life in 8-12 hours

5, can be made according to customer requirements of humanized standby function, handheld static does not automatically mute after 8 seconds, power saving mode, automatic shutdown after 10 minutes (time can be customized according to customer requirements) (this function should be added when placing an order)

6, the use of multiple sets of frequency, frequency does not fall. 300 channels adjustable (channel A 1-150, CHANNEL B 151-300), especially suitable for large quantities of simultaneous use, can be used in the same occasion 150 sets, especially suitable for KTV rooms, conference rooms, school projects, small performances and other occasions.

7, engineering installation, after-sales save trouble and worry, the traditional 575 plate line, maintenance rate is very low, installation do not worry about after-sales problems

8, the international EIA standard 1U metal case, with strong structure, heat dissipation and harmonic interference isolation excellent professional quality

9, using ATC infrared frequency, just click easily, can complete the transmitter and receiver channel synchronization, easy to use.

10, the receiver is equipped with key locking function, locking/unlocking operation is simple, to prevent accidental change of system Settings after the completion of setting

11. Multiple noise control circuits are used on the receiver to effectively prevent interference from external signals.

12, there is no switch impact sound, to ensure the quiet state of the whole equipment of rear power amplifier and loudspeaker.

13, the transmitter and receiver host are equipped with LCD display (double screen), the handheld battery consumption display, the working status at a glance.

14. Working distance: 30-50 meters.

15, with independent balanced output (XLR Canon) and unbalanced (6.3mm socket) mixed output, rich interface to meet all kinds of equipment connection.


Frequency oscillation mode: PLL PLL loop

Number of channel groups: Dual channel

Function display mode: LCD/LED

Radio frequency range: 500-980mhz

Modulation mode: Fm

Available bandwidth: 50MHz per channel

Number of channels :200-300 channels

Frequency stability: ±0.005%PLL

Phase-locked loop frequency control

Dynamic range: > 110dB

Peak frequency deviation: ±45KHz

Audio response: 60HZ-18khz (±3dB)

Comprehensive SNR: > 105dB

Combined distortion: < 0.5%

Power supply: 100-240V AC50/60Hz 10W


Frequency range: 500-980mhz

Band width :50MHZ

Harmonic suppression :>55dBc

Maximum frequency offset :+_48KHZ

Frequency response: 50HZ-15khz (-3dB)

Signal to noise ratio: > 105 db (A)

Distortion: < 1%

Battery requirements :AA 1.5VX2 alkaline battery