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True diversity Dual channel

Release Time:2021/9/26 15:14:49
True diversity Dual channel

Mr-108 double large screen color display, with one key sweep frequency function, can automatically sweep frequency to avoid 200 meters of interference frequency, double ID encryption and guide, stronger anti-interference, enhance stability, performance venue surrounding interference, the most suitable

Product features:

1, with [AFS] automatic search in the actual environment clean, no interference frequency function, short press SET button, SCAN and then short press ▲ button, it will automatically search and lock in the actual working environment undisturbed channel, effectively avoid interference frequency within 200 meters lock and use. Infrared automatic frequency, pilot function (by external interference, no noise).

2, the use of double ID encryption technology, anti-interference is stronger, using the latest fast audio signal transmission: 10Gbit/s, no delay transmission, to solve the delay caused by the distance, to achieve the effect of instant transmission

Intelligent ID channel management technology, without tedious FM operations, automatic search for intelligent connections.

3, the receiver can set the receiving distance, the receiving distance value can be set arbitrarily, multi-stage distance setting to adapt to different environments.

4, the host volume: value 23 maximum, value 0 minimum, customers can according to their own equipment requirements of their own debugging.

5, host, handheld with power consumption display, working status so that you can easily be clear, SET function key can be manually: adjust frequency, volume, host lock/unlock. The host and the hand are with the lock function, to avoid non-staff misoperation, so that you have no worries.

6, transmitter hand microphone and receiver with large LCD display, dual-color screen display, before the frequency orange, after the frequency white light.

7, the system adopts the patented digital pilot control mode,300 channels are adjustable (channel A 1-150, channel B 151-300), the conventional 600-900 frequency band, stagging the frequency band can be shipped at the same time 12 sets of machine, multiple sets of use without frequency series, frequency loss. Especially suitable for school projects, large-scale performances and other occasions.

8, launch with high-grade metal case, both touch and texture, accord with human body design, simple fashion let you hand paste, unique strip type switch button and tube, to avoid accidentally touch the power off during the process of speech/mute, stern tube under torsion and can be easily adjusted with frequency, holding a lock/unlock, convenient and comfortable, The hidden battery compartment opens the battery cover with a push.

9, moving coil type and capacitor type double microphone core (optional)

10, professional audio processing technology, the tuner team calibration hi-fi, sound details better performance, sound quality is more guaranteed, professional stage style

11, no switch impact sound, to ensure the safety of the rear power amplifier and loudspeaker.

12, double ID encryption and guide design, effectively improve the reception dead Angle and background noise, avoid frequency off in the use of complex environment, reception


13, the use of distance: ≥ 200 meters

14, with independent balanced output (XLR Canon) and unbalanced (6.3mm socket) mixed output, rich interface to meet all kinds of equipment connection

Technical parameters:

Receiver indicators:

Receiving mode: secondary frequency conversion superheterodyne,CPU automatically selects the strongest signal channel

Oscillation mode :PLL phase-locked loop (output power :12dBm(16mW)/5dBm(3.2MW)(HI/LO conversion)

Intermediate frequency: first intermediate frequency :110MHz, second intermediate frequency: 10.7mhz

Frequency range: 512-937mhz (customized frequency band)

Band width :200MHZ

Harmonic suppression :>55dBc

Maximum frequency offset :+_45KHZ

Frequency response: 60HZ-18khz (-3dB)

Signal to noise ratio: > 105 db (A)

Distortion: < 0.5%

Sensitivity: -100dbm (40dB S/N)

Spurious suppression :>80dB

Audio unbalanced output ::+4dB(1.25V)/5K ω Balanced output :+10dB(1.5V)/600 ω

Power supply voltage :DC12-15V Service temperature: -18 ℃ to 50 ℃

Antenna interface :TNC block


Function display mode: LCD/ LIQUID crystal display

Frequency range: 500-980mhz

Band width :200MHZ

Harmonic suppression :>55dBc

Maximum frequency offset :+_48KHZ

Frequency response: 50HZ-15khz (-3dB)

Signal to noise ratio: > 105 db (A)

Distortion: < 1%

Battery requirements :2 AA 1.5V alkaline or rechargeable batteries Battery life :>8H(alkaline)

Belt type transmitter: (Metal belt has its own manual frequency modulation function, volume adjustment function, automatic frequency search pilot within 150 meters)

Frequency range: 600-900mhz

Band width :200MHz

Harmonic suppression :>55dBc

Maximum frequency offset :+_48KHz

Frequency response: 60HZ-18khz (-3dB)

SNR :>105dB(A) Distortion :<0.5%

Power requirements :2 AA 1.5V alkaline or rechargeable batteries

Battery life :>8H(alkaline)

Use distance: ≥120 meters

With customized head wear:

1. The humanized microphone design hose can adjust the Angle at will to make the bending more firm and comfortable.

2. Customized capacitive microphone, clear sound pickup, effective anti-scream.

3. The earhang is made of imported silica gel, which is more soft and comfortable to wear.