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True diversity Dual channel

Release Time:2021/6/22 17:55:01
True diversity Dual channel

Double ID encryption is more anti-interference
* One key sweep function: Automatic search 200 meters clean frequency and lock use.
:: Double major screen ID encryption guides to more effectively avoid frequency drop in complex environment usage
:: Large, two-color screen display on the host, with clear working conditions.
:: Hand-held launch is more comfortable with high-end metal casings
:: Holds a unique long switch key to integrate with the tube body to avoid turning off / silent during the speech by accidentally touching the switch
:: Tail tube twisted and easily adjustable hand-held frequency, hand-held lock/unlock.
Frequency oscillation mode: PLL phase locked loop
Channel Group Number: Double Channel
Frequency range: 600-900MHz
Maximum number of channels: 200
Band width: 200 MHz
Signal-To-Noise ratio: & GT; 105dB(A)
Infidelity: & lt; 1 %
Audio output level: 8dBu Max
Power requirements: 12-16V DC, current 500MA, powered by external power supply
Stable receiving ≥ 200 M
Frequency range: 600-900MHz
Band width: 50MHZ
Harmonic suppression: & GT; 55dBc
Maximum frequency offset: + _ 48 KHZ
Frequency response: 50Hz -15KHz(-3 dB)
Signal-To-Noise ratio: & GT; 105dB(A)
Infidelity: & lt; 1 %
Battery requirements: 2 sections AA type 1.5 Vx2 alkaline batteries