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RY-990 is really divided into two hands

Release Time:2021/9/26 15:15:36
RY-990 is really divided into two hands

RY-990 host with listening function
:: The automatic frequency sweep function uses a mass-based maximum ratio combination algorithm, with two discrete RF messages combined in each receiver channel, effectively locking and using the frequency within 200 meters of interference.
:: Double ID encryption guide design, which effectively prevents the microphone from falling due to external interference during use
:: 575 Traditional large board main board, high fidelity sound transmission circuit to ensure sound clarity and reducibility
* With a special insole, the human voice reduction is more perfect.
:: 300 communication channels with multiple sets of laminated machines in different frequency segments, without serial frequency and no frequency drop. Can stack 8 sets at the same time, especially for meeting rooms, school projects, large-scale, medium-sized small performances and other occasions.
:: The use of multiple static noise control circuits on the receiver to effectively prevent external signal interference.
:: There is no switch impact sound to ensure the safety of the rear amplifier and speaker.
* Aluminum alloy hand hand feel is delicate, battery frame pull pull type integrated design operation is simple and convenient.
Frequency oscillation mode: PLL phase locked loop
Channel Group Number: Double Channel
Function display: LCD / LED
RF range: 500-980MHz
Modulation method: Fm FM
Available bandwidth: 200 MHz per channel
Number of channels: 200-300 channels
Frequency stability: ± 0.005 % PLL phase lock loop frequency control,
Dynamic range: > 110dB
Peak frequency bias: ± 45 KHz
Audio response: 60Hz -18KHz(± 3dB)
Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: > 105dB
Composite distortion: 0.5 %
Stable reception ≥ 150 meters
Frequency range: 500-980MHZ
Band width: 50MHZ
Harmonic suppression: & GT; 55dBc
Maximum frequency offset: + _ 48 KHZ
Frequency response: 50Hz -15KHz(-3 dB)
Signal-To-Noise ratio: & GT; 105dB(A)
Infidelity: & lt; 1 %
Battery requirements: AA type 1.5 Vx2 alkaline batteries