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RY-880 True Divide One Drag Two Handheld

Release Time:2021/6/22 18:01:31
RY-880 True Divide One Drag Two Handheld

RY-880 Exclusive Mice to enjoy the ultimate, for the pursuit of perfect professional performance and created
:: High-definition headphone monitoring function
:: AB switches the electronic digital volume knob, which is simple to operate and ensures strong left and right sound consistency
:: Highly encrypted navigation systems to ensure maximum stability in complex environments
:: High-fidelity sound transmission circuits to maximize sound clarity and reducibility
* With a special insole, sound effect perfect interpretation
:: Hand-held case with the most advanced two-piece design available, with a strong three-dimensional feel and comfortable feel
:: Hand-held microphone with manual FM keys, more convenient for FM
:: Handheld battery cells are individually tuned, and 1.5 V batteries are removed for easy handling and durability
:: Voltage circuit, battery life can be delayed by 3-5 hours
Frequency oscillation mode: PLL phase locked loop
Channel Group Number: Double Channel
Frequency range: 500-900MHz
Maximum number of channels: 200
Band width: 200 MHz
Receiving sensitivity: -105
Signal-To-Noise ratio: & GT; 105dB(A)
Total distortion: & lt; 1 %
Audio output level: 8dBu Max
Power requirements: DC12-16V DC, current 500MA, powered by external power supply: 100-240V AC50/60Hz, 10W
Use distance: ≥ 200 meters
Frequency range: 500-900MHz
Band width: 200 MHZ
Harmonic suppression: & GT; 55dBc
Maximum frequency offset: + _ 48 KHZ
Frequency response: 50Hz -15KHz(-3 dB)
Signal-To-Noise ratio: & GT; 105dB(A)
Infidelity: & lt; 1 %
Battery requirements: AA type 1.5 Vx2 alkaline batteries