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RY-998 True diversity Dual channel

Release Time:2021/9/26 15:15:01
RY-998 True diversity Dual channel

Ry-998 true diversity is a second hand holding, the most accurate automatic frequency search, unique digital ID identification and encryption, easily avoid all kinds of interference, the microphone can be mute with one key (this function should be added when placing an order).

Product features:

1, shuttle key operation knob operation is more simple, get rid of the traditional multi-key design, one key to achieve all functions, DPLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency technology.

2, the system adopts digital pilot control mode, each preset 6 independent channels, each channel preset different frequency, 167 stacking frequency, more convenient to use, 2000 frequency adjustable, multi-band optional.

3. Each interval frequency is 25KHz. Stacking machine is more convenient to use, partition wall stable receiving distance of about 80 meters

4. Frequency range; 520 MHZ to 570 MHZ. 650 MHZ to 700 MHZ, 715 MHZ - 785 MHZ. 810 MHZ to 840 MHZ.

Hold the microphone head, the speaker will not crackle like firecrackers.

Accurate SCAN automatic frequency scanning function, can automatically skip the frequency in use and other external interference frequency, completely solve the phenomenon of mutual frequency crosstalk. Adopting the maximum ratio combination algorithm based on mass, each receiver channel combines two discrete RF signals, which can effectively avoid interference frequency locking within 200 meters and use. The host has built-in three levels of power regulation, increasing the distance of each level about 30 meters. 7, dual-channel display design, at any Angle to observe the font clear, display channel number and working frequency, real-time feedback system working status.

8, the use of double-tuned true diversity microphone receiving mode is more stable, effectively avoid microphone in use due to external interference caused by frequency off.

9, the receiver adopts LCD LCD display: working frequency, using channel, emitter power, AF/RF signal, host volume, gain, mute status, so that you can see the working status at a glance.

10. The 1U metal case of international EIA standard has strong structure, excellent professional quality of heat dissipation and harmonic interference isolation, and more convenient installation.

11. The main board adopts multiple noise control circuit design to effectively prevent interference from external signals.

12, the receiver can actively adjust the receiving signal sensitivity, optional high (HIG), mid (MID), LOW (LOW), three kinds of sensitivity can be adjusted, users can adjust the sensitivity according to the use of the environment, improve anti-interference ability or the use of distance, to adapt to different use environment, to meet more use requirements.

13, the receiver can set the channel ID lock function, after opening to avoid the same frequency handheld voice at the same time, only matched with the host handheld can make sound.

14. The receiver is equipped with key locking function, which locks the current setting after opening to prevent the setting change caused by misoperation.

15, receiver handheld volume gain adjustment, a total of -3 to +9 optional, users can adjust the handheld volume gain according to the use of the environment, improve anti-interference ability or use distance, to adapt to different use environment, to meet more use requirements.

16, handheld with one-button mute function, with brand LOGO display, bidding has more advantages

17, the receiver can adjust the output volume from -20 to +18, the selection range is large, to match the use of different peripheral devices.

18, the receiver can adjust the hand-held transmission power, a total of 02-15 optional, users can adjust the hand-held transmission power according to the use of the environment, improve the anti-interference ability or the use of distance, to adapt to different use environment, to meet more needs.

19, receiver innovation with factory setting restoration function, one key back to factory Settings, simple and practical.

20, you can check the receiver version number (including the date of production), so that you have a better understanding of the product. (Customers can set the content displayed in the version number independently) Handheld boot display brand, so that customers can see at a glance.

21, no switch impact sound, to ensure the safety of the rear power amplifier and loudspeaker.

22, with independent balanced output (XLR Canon) and unbalanced (6.3mm socket) mixed output, rich interface to meet all kinds of equipment connection

Technical parameters:


Receiver receiving mode: QPFSK digital UHF;

Oscillation mode: DPLL digital phase-locked loop

Frequency range: 650-700mhz

Maximum frequency points: 2000

Frequency bandwidth: 25KHZ

Reception sensitivity: -100dbm

SNR > 95 db

Distortion: 1khz. 100 mv enter < 0.2%

Maximum output level of audio: 0dBV Max

Power requirement: 12-18V DC/1A


Frequency range: 650-700mhz;

Frequency bandwidth: 25KHZ;

Harmonic suppression: >55dBc;

SNR: >95dB;

Distortion: 1khz, 100mV input <0.2%;

Battery life: >8H battery AA 1.5V 1300mAH X2;

Use distance: >150 m.